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John Brackett Alexander De Medici

In Florence, Alessandro De' Medici, the first Duke of the De' Medici's family  was almost certainly theson of an African woman, probably a servant. He was an illegitimate child” 

DR. JOHN BRACKETT -- Professor of Art History at the University of Cincinnati

They served in the Royal courts.They were priests. They were soldiers. We have a number of documented examples of African presence in European cities

DR. KATE LOWE -- Professor of Renaissance History at Queen Mary University of London

Screenshot 2023-09-21 alle 10.23_edited.jpg

These relationships are fundamental to understand what society we are today.

Renaissance art doesn't just reflect the world, but it helps create the world...

The way Black figures appear today in movies, in advertisement, in society,

 can be traced right back to the Renaissance

DR. PAUL KAPLAN -- Professor of Art History at Purchase College

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